Becoming a member of the AP Jets Exclusive Club offers you far more than just a discount on all aircraft charter. This limited edition membership will give you huge benefits such as access to our prestigious concierge services.

With access to our concierge services, you will be able to live the high-end lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. You will have access to several exclusive events around the world such as prestigious tv and film premieres, music award ceremonies, red carpet events and much more. Not only will have access to these events but you will be treated as a VIP as you will be able to dine with the celebrities, get a VIP pass to the afterparties with the stars and more.

If you favour sports then we can offer VIP access to all the major sporting events around the world. Whether you just want to attend, meet the team or hire an entire director's box to spectate, we can make that happen. AP Jet Concierge can give you access to all the major sporting events such as the highly prestigious Grand Prix, Champions League, Horse Racing, The Masters and more - exclusive to AP Jets Exclusive Members.